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Welcome to my world…

As an entrepreneur, I understand and appreciate all of the economic opportunities America provides for each of us, and the responsibility that comes with them. As a dirt road scholar with a degree in BS from the school of hard knocks, formal education seems a poor substitute for common sense, something that ain’t so common anymore in America. As a lifelong student of American History, Philosophy and Political Science, I know how our country was founded, who founded it, and what they had in mind. I also realize that we’ve made a mess of it.

America’s greatness is due to our moral heritage. Both freedom and liberty are endowed by our creator, (not granted or managed by our politicians), and both are in jeopardy whenever our moral foundation is attacked. Our politicians work for us and it’s our job to manage them, not the other way around. As a father, I must talk about things we are not supposed to talk about, because those are the very things that will determine what kind of America my children will live in. It’s not my goal to offend anyone, though some will be offended. I have come to believe that the one flaw in our framers design is our freedom to destroy ourselves. It may have been a mistake to ask average people (who don’t have the time, the energy, the inclination, the selflessness, the moral foundation or the good sense to run their own lives), to run the greatest nation on earth.

If you are looking for regurgitated Republican or Democrat rhetoric, you are in the wrong place. I write what I think, based on what I know, supported by facts I can prove, and stated in simple common sense terms anyone should be able to comprehend. I am a Christian, a husband, a father, a son and a brother, a conservative, an entrepreneur and a writer, in that order. I don’t vote for (R)’s or (D)’s, but instead for individuals. Not on the basis of what they promise to do for me, but on the basis of who I believe will protect real American values worth protecting.

Welcome to my world, a place where if you can’t prove it, you can’t say it. Where politics are a necessary evil that should be used sparingly when needed, not glorified as the center of our American universe.

There is room in my world for opposing views, and anyone who has room in their world for my views is welcome to write me. If you want truth, you will find it here. If not, you won’t like it here. I’ve never been, nor will I ever be a politician, so I don’t need your vote or your money. I’m not running a popularity contest for myself, only for a free, rich, self reliant and self assured America.

America has always been the most loved, and the most hated country on earth, both the most respected and the most feared, and that’s how it must remain.

Enjoy your visit, stay as long as you like, bring others with you and return often.

Thanks for visiting!     Keep the faith, and pass the word!  Current Article

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Not Mission

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By Col. John H. Wambough, Jr. USAF (Ret.)
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